M13 Youth Project works with young people in Ardwick and Hulme, and with young parents city-wide, to create conversations, activities and environments which foster:

  • enjoyment
  • learning
  • action
  • and long-term change

which benefit young people, workers and our wider communities.


We believe all young people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity and that each young person can love, think, create, reflect, enjoy, achieve and make a positive difference in their world.


We have a vision where

  • M13 neighbourhoods are places where young people feel secure and happy, where they want to spend their time, where they can find fulfilling and dignifying recreation, education and work and where they can grow, develop and thrive;
  • young people have their own, inspiring and hopeful visions for their lives, communities and neighbourhoods, which make for human well-being;
  • young people choose to take responsibility for and work to transform their communities, to stand up for justice and equality and oppose inequality and oppression;
  • young people can recognise the love God has for them, their communities and others and can recognise how He is at work in their lives;
  • young people's voices are listened to and are significant agents for change, locally and nationally and which shape M13's vision through dialogue;
  • young people are honoured, valued, respected and listened to by the community and wider society and support and respect is reciprocated across age, ethnic, gender, ability, sexual and religious diversity;
  • M13 communities have the capacity to love, care for, enjoy and meet the needs of all their young people
  • M13 Youth Project has sufficient financial, human and material resources to sustain and continue to fulfil its aims for as long as the Project is needed.

Values & Beliefs

We believe all people are created, loved and valued by God, the Father, as revealed in Jesus and through the ongoing work of his Spirit.


We value:

  • the Trinity - Father, Jesus, Spirit - and their relationship together; God's love for all people, which Jesus demonstrates and embodies, the way he works with people, his mission and his kingdom
  • young people - being with them and enjoying their company, their initiative and active participation
  • prayer - friendship with God and God's caring involvement in our lives and in the world
  • faith and hope - in God and young people and in their capacity to act for good
  • informal eduation - listening, conversation, dialogue, reflection, democracy, learning, working with people and transformation
  • community - being together and working together, a commitment to the wider community and to collective action
  • a Christian ethos - a love for Jesus and commitment to people, humility, vulnerability, thoughtfulness and critical reflection, integrity, diversity and compassion, grace and forgiveness in our work
  • 'shalom' - justice, equality, well-being, wholeness, sufficiency, peace and taking an active stand against oppression, injustice and abuse of power
  • our natural environment and care for the world
  • one another (managment, staff and volunteers) - our calling to this work, our humanity, love, commitment and support of each other.
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