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FREE Children's Easter Play Activities with Food 2024

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M13 Youth Project FREE Easter HAF Activities

supported by MCRactive



  • Children must be registered on the MCRactive system by a person with parental responsibility before or during their first attendance (or we can do this after the session).
  • To sign up to the MCRactive system, click here. Create a FAMILY account and don't forget to add your children. 
  • To book your child onto our sessions, click here. Choose 'Search by Provider', enter 'M13 Youth Project' and 'Search'. Click on 'Organised Classes' and 'view results as list' to see each of our sessions ... and choose the ones you'd like to attend.


  • If you need support registering, call us or turn up early! (see names and numbers over the page, or on request from )
  • Activities are 'open access' - children can come and go as they choose - supervised by DBS checked, insured M13 Youth Project workers.


For safeguarding and in case of emergencies, we record the name, address, date of birth, allergies/dietary requirements and parent’s/carer’s name & contact details of every child attending a session. We store these within our GDPR guidelines. **Due to the nature of the funding from MCRactive, we are obliged to ensure all children attending are registered on their system, either by the parent, or by us. Please talk with us about this if you have any concerns. Thank you.

Summer Play Holiday Activities 2023

M13 Youth Project FREE Summer HAF Activities

supported by Mcr Active and Manchester City Council


  • Priority places for children on FREE SCHOOL MEALS
  • 24 places available per session
  • Activities are 'open access' - children can come and go as they choose - supervised by DBS checked, insured M13 Youth Project workers.
  • Children must be registered by a person with parental responsibility before or on their first attendance - you can turn up on the day and register.
  • Registration forms are available in advance from M13 Youth Project workers (see names and numbers over the page, or on request from )


For safeguarding and in case of emergencies, we record the name, address, date of birth, allergies/dietary requirements and parent’s/carer’s name & contact details of every child attending a session. We store these within our GDPR guidelines. We do not pass on personal information without your consent.



The summer holidays are HERE! We've got a busy schedule including: 


  • HAF Summer play, multi-games and food in Brunswick, Grove Village and Coverdale (see above)
  • Weekly basketball at Ardwick Sports Hall 4-6pm
  • Summer BBQ
  • Alton Towers Trip
  • Lads' residential
  • Girls' Sleepover
  • MIF (Manchester International Festival) trips
  • and all our regular detached youth work and groups

Easter Holiday Activities

Holiday Football & Food

Monday 3rd April


Dean Trust Ardwick Sports Pitch

Langport Avenue, M13 OLF


Holiday Basketball & Food

Wednesday 5th April


Ardwick Sports Hall

225 Stockport Rd, M12 4DY



New Sports Work

January 2023



In January 2023 we received funding from the Youth Justice Sports Fund to fund our Basktball session, to set up a new football session and to offer additional support to young people who may need it. After each session we have the opportunity to sit and chat with the young people over food.  The young people are enjoying taking part in physical activity and friendly competition (especially with the workers!) and eating and chatting together afterwards. 


Coverdale Lads celebrate 5 Years!

August 2022


Coverdale Lads’ group celebrated 5 years of meeting regularly together. We had 13 of the lads (old and new) attend, many of whom have been there since the beginning. The Lads were joined in their celebrations by our chair of trustees, community PCSOs, members of the Contact Theatre(who have previously worked with the group) and folks from Longsight Community Church of the Nazarene.


It was an evening of fun and we marked the occasion with a special anniversary cake and doing what we usually do at one of our sessions ... conversations, games (UNO, Chess and PS4 and a large group game of Mafia!). We also had the screening of one of the documentary films made by the group.


Young people shared the impact the group had made on their life - having somewhere safe to be, a place to belong and people that cared and supported them. One of the lads shared that after almost being involved in a stabbing incident he isolated himself until he came to Lads group and how it ‘saved’ him.


The group was established through detached youth work funded by Peter Kershaw Trust and sustained using funding from Young Manchester and MCC.   

Lads Residential

August 2022


At the end of August 2022, the young men’s group planned and went on a residential to the Lake District for 3 days and 2 nights. The group had the chance to rest and have fun doing outdoor activities such as rock climbing, ghyll scrambling and kayaking as well as forest walks. Evenings were spent sitting by an outdoor fire, eating marshmallows and telling scary stories, making each other laugh!


Young people told us that the trip allowed them to try out unfamiliar activities’, 'build their self confidence through conquering fears’ and 'experience the fun and peace of nature.’

Annual Summer BBQ

Summer 2022


Our Summer BBQ is becoming something of a tradition, since we started it during/ post Covid. Thanks to the INCREDIBLE young volunteer leader Georgina - who planned, co-ordinated and ran the whole event - to Kay who prepped some AMAZING chicken, Simon for BBQ-ing everything, Sally for shopping and the rest and our FABULOUS young volunteers who helped us set up and clear away. This is an important time in the summer for young people from all our areas of work and all the groups we run to get together, have fun, play games, eat well and enjoy some fresh air.


Summer Holiday Fun and Games!

Summer 2022


During the summer we ran our usual detached activities alongside our annual Summer Holiday Programme of games, sports and food for children and young people. This involved lots of fun, active outdoor play and games in local parks, along with a packed lunch or meal at every session. Children and parents said: 

  • DAD: ‘’I really love what you do for the community - so I'm gonna bring my bouncy castle on Wednesday and you can use it for free’
  • GRAN: ‘’I'm so grateful for these 2 hours - it's somewhere for the little ones to go, run around and have some fun - and it gives me a break ’
  • MUM: ‘’They love it here! They can't wait for 1pm to come around so they can play with their friends.

Same M13, new Charity 1197730

July 2022


We're pleased to announce that M13 Youth Project is now operating as an incorporated charity, with a new Registered Charity number - 1197730, from 13th July 2022.


The work of the project continues as normal and the new charity has slightly updated objects, very similar to the previous charity. You can find these on the Charitable Objects page, here.


The reason for this change is, previosuly, as an unincorporated charity the Trustees carried personal liability for the business and risks of the charity. Now, as an Incorporated Charity, the charity is recognised as a legal ‘body’ in its own right and can therefore enter into contracts, employ staff, hold property, etc., in its own name, rather than requiring Trustees to do this. Consequently, any liabilities arising from entering into such arrangements fall on the organisation itself rather than the trustees.


With the increased work of the Project, including our work as Lead Organisation of the A6 Youth & Play Partnership involving entering into contracts on behalf of two other organisations, Trustees considered this is a safer and more appropriate structure for us to be operating within, mitigating the personal risks to Trustees.



Detached Youth Work in Hulme

June 2022


In response to a growing need in Hulme for play and youth work, Manchester City Council approached us to ask if we could provide regular detached youth work in St George's area of Hulme, funded by MCC. After some consideration and conversation with staff, Trustees and partners in Hulme, we agreed, and we began the 'reconnaisance' work - being out and about in Hulme, getting to know people and learning about the area, in June.


Since June, we have been out in the area 3 times a week, hanging out in the park and streets, playing games and having conversations with local children and young people and we have begun to build relationships with them and their parents and extended family members. We've also attended meetings and other local activities. Over the summer, in partnership with some of the parents, we planned a fun-filled family day out for 55 parents and children to Gulliver’s World in Warrington.  We are looking forward to developing our work in Hulme further as the year progresses.


Thanks to Nicola and Mario, who established this work; and now to Kweku who has taken over the role from Mario.

Easter Holiday Activities 2022

April 2022


During the Easter Holiday we provided activities and food for local children and young people in Brunswick, Grove Village and Coverdale. We had a busy, but enjoyable week, being physically active, playing games, chatting and listening, eating good food and learning about nutrition. All our activties include nutritious food: either a packed lunch or a hot meal.

Young Women's Support

April 2022


In April we were delighted to start a partnership with the Pilgrim Trust as part of their Young Women’s Mental Health programme. They are funding us to provide mental well-being support to young women aged 16-24yrs (with some flexibility). As part of this we are offering a weekly young women’s group; small group and one-to-one support from our staff; and professional counselling/therapeutic support for those young women who need it. If you are a young woman and would like to be involved, please contact Vikki on 07921 214019. 


      This is me! 2022

March 2022


At the end of March young people from the A6 Youth & Play Partnership held an event at the Contact - a culmination of a three-month cultural and creative arts project with young people along the A6 Corridor from M13 Youth Project, Anson Cabin and Levenshulme Youth Project, involving film, music, visual art with live performances.

M13 has a Minibus!


March 2022


In March we were delighted to be awarded a grant from the DCMS Youth Investment Fund to buy a minibus for our work. After a short but intense search, a local garage found this amazing bus for us - Clean Air Zone compliant - which we look forward to using to support our work with young people, going out and about visiting places we otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach. 



M13 Youth Forum

During the spring of 2022, local young people at M13 Youth Project have been meeting together as part of a youth forum to identify issues that negatively impact young people in Ardwick, with a view to taking action on them to change things. 

The group expressed their initial concerns, with:

 - Dangerous driving at a local roundabout near the Apollo Theatre

 - High levels of homelessness

 - Dangers for young people walking at night and feeling unsafe.

 - Litter in certain areas of the community.

 - Mistreatment from teachers to students in local schools.


The group then set up a questionnaire to gather the opinion of more young people: the majority said that 'how teachers treat students in school' is their biggest concern. The group continue to meet to learn, encourage each other and strategize appropriate social action to affect positive change in the lives of Ardwick’s local young people.

February Half Term Fun

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we've been unable to run many trips and activities additional to our groups and clubs over the past two years. So, it was great to be back in full youth work mode this half-term, running lots of trips planned by young people; giving us opportunity to connect and chat together in new environments whilst being physically active and having fun...

Kick Air and Nandos




During February Half term 'Pop Up Group' went on a trip to 'Kick Air Manchster' and 'Nandos' (Nandos being a first for most of the group). The group worked together to plan & budget for the trip.

A Time to Chat







"Every good conversation starts with good listening"


There's no better time to have great conversation than over some good food.


Coverdale Lads' group- Go Karting 






For our February half-term trip the lads' put their driving skills to the test at Go Karting, for many of them it was their first time karting, but they caught on quick and had a fantastic time! 

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