Young Parents' Voices

In 2009, we began a conversation with young mums around their needs as young women with children. They commented that so many resources for mums always show older mums and don't really talk about the issues young mums face, particularly the stigma associated with being a young mum. This idea developed into a project where the young women interviewed each other and made a DVD resource for other young women, sharing honestly about their real experiences of being a young parent. If you would like a copy of the Parenthood DVD, entitled Young Parents Voices, please let us know and we'll send one out (depending on availability). This project was funded by the Big Lottery Fund.


As a result of this work, we received a grant from the Parenting Fund to develop some research into young mum's experience of youth motherhood and ran a research project around Young Parents views and voices.


This small-scale research project explores the perceptions of a group of young mums from Manchester about the services they access and seeks to draw some conclusions from this about how services might be better designed and offered in order to enable young mums to maximise support from them.


The research used a participant-led, qualitative methodology; with the support of a worker, a core group of 5 young mums discussed the research and issues and designed a questionnaire, which was then disseminated and completed by eleven of their peers. The findings are augmented by further information gained through interviews and a focus group discussion and then analysed by the author.  If you would like a copy of the report, please contact the office.


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