Continuing our work online through the COVID-19 crisis

We have continued to work safely with young people throughout the pandemic, within the latest government and National Youth Agency (NYA) guidelines. All our detached youth work and group work sessions have been running safely since September 2020, with social distancing and other Covid-safety guidelines in place. Please see our Current Activities.

Keeping in Touch

As well as keeping in touch through our detached youth work in the community and our small group work, we are promoting our work on facebook and Instagram and chatting with young people through phones calls, text messages, WhatsApp, facebook, Instagram, Discord, PS4 online and Zoom.  Working online with young people has enabled us to stay connected, continue relationship building and provide support to our young people and community through these hard times.

Connecting Together

Through our facebook and Instagram pages, we have been encouraging young people to connect with us both online and in person. During lockdown we’ve been running fun, creative and thoughtful challenges, tasking young people to spark their creative side, connect with their friends and community, and become actively involved in supporting each other. 

Updating with Information

Young people have lots of questions about COVID-19, what’s happening around the world and our government’s response. So, we have been updating our young people on news regarding COVID-19, in line with the official government guidelines, to ensure that young people are keeping themselves safe; and that they understand what the changes across the world and in the UK mean for them and their lives at the moment.

Still Here and Available

We continue to be a presence in the community with our young people through our detached youth work and group work; and through posting stories to our social media accounts, encouraging young people to reflect on their experiences and feelings about isolation and to share their experiences with us. And we are always available to chat via phone, message, WhatsApp, whatever.

A Safe Space

We are a safe space to talk about any worries, thoughts or confusions young people may have in the midst of this outbreak; and we are also a place of laughter, encouragement and fun for all our young people.

Concerns or Difficulties

If you have any concerns about yourself, your family, a friend or other young person, whether that's about getting enough food, any financial worries, anxieties or mental health concerns, or you think someone needs a little help or is not in safe environment, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR CONCERNS WITH US. We will listen to you and together, we can work out how to support you or the person you are worried about. Call the youth worker you are most comfortable talking to: numbers on the Help page.

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