Here to Listen and Help

This is a challenging and worrying time for all of us.


Often children's and young people's worries can be overlooked by adults when the pressure is on. However, children and young people have all sort of concerns and worries that are very real to them; and in addition to their own concerns, they often pick up on adults' stress in ways we don't realise, which can cause further stress.


Whether you are a child, young person or adult reading this, if you have any concerns for yourself, your family or a child or young person, or you or someone you know is facing difficulties, whether these concerns are about:

  • exams and results;
  • getting enough food;
  • financial worries;
  • mental health concerns;
  • having no access to the internet;
  • situations at home;
  • feeling worried or unsafe;
  • someone who you think might need a little help; or
  • someone who you think is not in a safe environment;

then PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR CONCERNS WITH US. We will listen to you and together, we can work out how to support you or the person you are worried about.


Call the youth worker you are most comfortable talking with.


  • Helen (Manager) 07973 976925
  • Gabriel (Senior Worker) 07921 214020
  • Vikki (Lead Female Worker) 07921 214019
  • Mario (Detached Worker) 07921 214016
  • Robert (Detached Worker) 07593 445123
  • Des (Young Dads' Worker) 07921 214017
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